Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

In the face Of declining purchase revenue, the ever evolving gaming industry is looking to grow is Value 30% in the next three years! The cause of this? Not the highly anticipated next generation Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5, but instead a controversial feature, MircoTransactions!

Gaming Industry Value

According to Juniper Research the gaming industry value well exceed $200 billion by 2023, almost a third of its current $155 billion evaluation. Micro transaction aren’t the only raising future of gaming, mobile gaming and cloud gaming we’ll be making waves and bring in cash flow over the next years aswell!

In this video game market trends article Juinper Research predicts that 99% of Mobile game downloads we’ll be free to play. These games well take the Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile route of monetizing in game instead of charge for the initial game download!

Cloud and mobile gaming

In addition To In game monetizing well expect to see Cloud gaming & Game Pass like subscriptions grow an average of 9% a year reaching $8 Billion in Video game industry revenue by 2023. But according to researcher Jame Moar this won’t its self make up for the decline in Game sales, see his full quote below.

“At current gaming subscription prices, it will take an average of ten months of a subscription payment to cover the retail cost of a single AAA game,” he explained. “The value of these platforms lies in keeping players within an ecosystem; ensuring that revenue across multiple games is captured by a single platform.”

Even with mobile and cloud gaming making waves over the next few years, Juniper expects PC gaming to dominate as downloadable content for the pc tends to be more pricey. PC in game purchases are estimated to make around$32 Billion by 2023

The craziest part about this research? It was done before the Xbox Series S and ps5 digital only version were announced so with some gamers being forced into digital well these numbers increase?

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source: Forbes

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